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    The factory is located in Shanghai Fengxian Chemical Industrial Zone.    In its multipurpose synthetic plant, there are totally 30 glass-lined vessels sized from 50 L to 5000 L. On the special purpose vessels, there are one 500 L stainless reactor can go up to 280℃ and one 500 L and one 1500 L cryogenic reactors that can go down to -90℃. With our affiliate in Jiangsu that has 6 high pressure hydrogenator (2800psi) sized from 50L to 2000L, we are capable of carrying out most of chemical reactions.

    The company's manufacturing equipments can meet the requirements of the vast majority of chemical reactions. Especially when applied under the conditions of low temperature (-80~-20℃) , anhydrous and anaerobic reactions or high pressure,these equipments will have certain advantages.