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    R&D center is located in Shanghai city center. It covers an area of 3000 square meters. There are totally 53 fume hoods and a kilo lab. The lab is well equipped with modern analytical instrument to satisfy our R&D needs. We have a more than 40 members team of highly qualified and experienced chemists. 70% of our R&D team members received master of science degree and higher. The R&D team is led by Dr. Joe Tann who has 25+ years of chemical process development and manufacturing experience in US major pharma companies. He is well respected in the process development community.

    Since Qingsong pharma was founded,it has provided diverse high-efficiency and low-cost chemical services to many mutinational pharmaceutical enterprises in Europe, USA and Japan.With our technical services of high quality,we sincerely desire to help  our customers to gain in long term